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At Cox Manufacturing we strive to live up to our Vision Statement. We feel that part of"being a positive influence for Christ"is doing our part to help educate and pass along the knowledge we have learned to the next generation of manufacturers. With our Apprenticeship Program certified by the US Department of Labor we have the skills and know how to achieve maximum results.

The Apprentice Program is for individuals seeking a career as a professional machine technician. Starting pay is $16.00 per hour. Requirements for the Apprentice Program are the following: Have a High School Diploma or GED, have a stable work history, take a personal inventory survey, pass a math test, background check, and drug test. Applicants must be mechanically inclined and capable of working independently. Journeyman status is achieved once the program is complete and is similar to obtaining a college degree. After that, a person can achieve Master Machine Technician.

Apprentice Machinist Training Program



Related Training Instructions (RTI)

  • In House Training
  • Tooling U SME Training


On the Job Learning (OJL)

  • 3 Year Program
  • 40 hours a week for 150 weeks


Financial Peace University (FPU)



  • Education
  • Physical Assessments


Total Hours


学徒 - 常见问题

Will I get paid like an employee?

是的。All of our apprentices are full time employees.

Pay Scale at each level of Apprenticeship:
Year 1: $16
Year 2: $18
Year 3: $19
Grad: $22
(Shift Differential: $1.50 / $2.00)

How long is the program?

It is a three year program.

Am I still employed after the three year program?

是的。After completing the three year program, a person is a journeyman.

Can I finish quicker?

是的。Some of our apprentices have finished a year of training in eight or ten months.


No. We will sponsor the program. Apprentices don't pay for anything out of pocket.

Do I need to have machining experience?

No. The program is designed to train apprentices without any experience. A person does have to be mechanically inclined.

What if I already have machining experience?

The employee's experience and competency will be assessed and then they will be placed in the appropriate level of the apprenticeship program.

Is the program accredited?

是的。它已注册并在劳工部认证。我们的学徒计划还与Wayland Baptist大学合作。Wayland Baptist University将接受33个大学学分,攻读应用科学副学士学位,并具有机器技术专业化。在大多数情况下,该计划还将在其他机构转移到大学信贷。

How do I get started?

The first step is to apply online through our careers tab or visit our office during regular business hours. Office hours are Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Are there multiple schedules and/or shifts?

是的。We have three shifts:

7:00am - 4:00pm

3:30pm - 12:00am ($1.50 / $2.00 per hour shift differential)

11:00pm - 7:30am ($1.50 / $2.00 per hour shift differential)

All new hires start on day shift, but apprentice candidates must be willing to accept at least one of the other alternative shifts. Shifts are not rotating, but employees may be assigned to various shifts for periods of time to acommodate customer needs and staff development.

Can I start working on 2nd or 3rd shift?

No. First shift is required for initial training. It typically takes employees 6 months to go to an off shift.

Can I work part time?

No. All of our positions are full time.

What if I want to go to college?

We currently offer 100% reimbursement for tuition and books. Our Apprenticeship Program is also partnered with Wayland Baptist University. Wayland Baptist University will accept 33 college credit hours towards an Associates Degree in Applied Science with a Specialization in Machine Technologies. In most cases, the program will also transfer to college credit at other institutions.

Do I need to travel to take the apprenticeship classes?

No. Our classes are completed on-site or on-demand using the internet.

Do I need to have internet?

No. While you can complete the classes in the comfort of your own home, we also have computers available on-site.

Will I be eligible for raises before I complete the program?


Pay Scale at each level of Apprenticeship:
Year 1: $16
Year 2: $18
Year 3: $19
Grad: $22

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